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My clients called me the "gift whisperer" because I had the ability to make their vision a reality

A number of years ago I started a business that perfectly suited my need for a creative outlet. It was a gift business where I had the opportunity to cultivate clients who wanted unique gifts. I would learn about the recipient, and then design the gift. When the gift brought joy to the recipient and made the giver a hero, I was elated.

Probably just like many of you , life as I knew it changed, the gift business was no longer but I never stopped gifting friends with my creativity.

Fast forward to now and being told by said friends , "You should really have a website" ~ I am taking the proverbial plunge with curiosity and a little trepidation in all candor.

Another real passion of mine is fonts ~ weird I know but I do love how different typefaces can express different emotions. Unfortunately I am limited on the site to a handful of fonts :-(

Now I have combined my loves into Bonnie Chase Designs so I can translate what someone wants for a celebration or gift into a tangible graphic expression. I still get the same rush when my ideas are on target for someone else.

I learned a long time ago that for designs to work ..."It's all about you!"

Let me help you design your next special occasion or gift.

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I make your vision into reality

Thank you, I look forward to this next chapter...



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