Bonnie Chase


What I love about working with Bonnie is she uses her creativity to translate her client's ideas or events into tangible items that perfectly express the spirit of the occasion.

Bonnie's creativity is matched by her attention to detail and her ability to design "variations on a theme." Before you know it, there is a whole array of designs that inspire and delight. Working with her is fun.

Bonnie's designs turn me into a hero! Every gift of hers delights the recipient with it's obvious  and on-point thoughtfulness.

Jeanie Duck in Miami


Bonnie Chase, Graphic Artist

I don't give high praise easily but I must say that Bonnie Chase is truly extraordinary! Her work is incredible and she goes the extra mile to make her designs extra special. I have a large Christmas party every year and Bonnie
always does the invitations. What was so interesting to me was how many people commented to me on how gorgeous and unique the invitations were when they called to RSVP. She also did luggage tags that really fit the personalities and favorite colors of the recipients. They are just beautiful. Bonnie is so easy to work with and gets my highest recommendation!

Denise Morris Winston-Salem, NC

I so love what I do.............thank you!

Glorian Leach:
    I may be partial in what I have to say and yes I’m one of those that had told Bonnie she needed to have a website and share her incredible talent.  As one of her best friends I was fortunate enough to have Bonnie be what I called my “matron of honor” for my 50th birthday celebration.    There was so much planning and I never could have done it without her guidance and keen eye for design.  But what makes any celebration memorable is not the overall party but the small details that everyone remembers.   The majority of my details had to do with designs that Bonnie came up.   Things I would have never thought of and things that my guests are still remembering today.   So am I partial, yes.... but ask ANYONE that attended my 50th birthday bash and one of their memories will be in relation to a design created by Bonnie.   I’m so very happy that she has included many of those designs on her web-site.